Bottom Lash Enhancement Online Tutorial

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In this course, you will learn the safest technique for tattooing bottom lash enhancement, one of the most requested eyeliner styles. Not many artists know that top and bottom eyelash enhancement combo is one of the most booked and highly in-demand services.

It only takes 30 minutes to complete and is absolutely effortless our way.

You will: 

  • gain special bottom lid stretching techniques
  • learn modern shaded bottom liner methods and design 
  • understand machinery, needles and pigments used
  • identify and avoid common mistakes
  • watch step-by-step demonstrations on a model 
  • receive a shopping list for necessary supplies
  • discover essential aftercare instructions for optimal results
  • get certified

It is an easy way to have a beautiful add on to your menu and skillset. Your clients will thank you for the input into their beauty routine.

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