LUNITA Rotary PMU Machine

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Color: Silver


If you're looking for a machine that can deliver precise, long-lasting results with ease, LUNITA is a perfect choice.

It's long 3.5 mm stroke ensures that it works with diverse skin types and undertones without overworking the skin. It strictly reaches the right depth in the upper dermis, making it perfect for any shading or lining work, especially for powder brows, all types of eyeliners, lip blush, and fine-line tattooing.

LUNITA is designed with advanced technology and a comfortable grip for excellent control and precision. It's an excellent choice for permanent makeup artists, whether you're a professional or a beginner.

The needle length adjustment is anywhere from 2 and up to 3.5 mm long. This should keep your ink flow and pigment depositing process very precise and convenient.



Connection: RCA

Material: Aircraft Aluminum

Stroke Length: 3.5 mm

Voltage: 4V-7V

Needle compatibility: LUNITA is designed with a universal tattoo cartridge docking system, making it compatible with most needles in the market, including the classic MARA Pro needles. MARA soft/premium PMU Cartridges are specially developed to meet your demands and fit perfectly in other devices. What does it mean? Incredible flexibility and less expenses!



MARA PRO offers a 365-day warranty for LUNITA PMU device.

Please contact our customer service directly when there is a problem with the product you received. We provide a 365-day warranty service for machines and power supplies. The customer team will verify your situation by email. Please provide the order number, product pictures, video when submitting the warranty verification email. These Info can speed up the verification. The audit result will be sent to you by email.

For products that are on-artificial damaged, MARA PRO will provide effective warranty services. We do not provide warranty service in the following situations: 

1. The product was seriously damaged due to falling to the ground. 

2. The product was soaked in liquid. 

3. The product was disassembled and modified privately

Service shipping costs are not included into warranty.