• MARA Pro PMU NEEDLE Cartridges - Mara Pro
MARA Pro PMU NEEDLE Cartridges - Mara Pro

MARA Pro PMU NEEDLE Cartridges

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Size: 1RLLT 0.25mm (08)


MARA Pro needle cartridges come in a variety of diameters that are appropriate for PMU/Cosmetic tattoo procedures. 

These cartridges are designed to be ultra precise, yet not extremely sharp for delicate skin on the face, and have a unique stabilisation system. All cartridges are made from disposable materials and are in individual sterile packaging so that artists can focus on their work safely and efficiently. The casing is transparent so you can monitor the pigment inside. 

All our cartridges have a membrane preventing ink spit-back and cross contamination.

Cartridges from MARA Pro are compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges, including MARA Pro machines and many other world renowned tattoo brands.
  • Sterilized with eo gas and individually packaged
  • Most needed diameters for cosmetic tattooing procedures
  • Simple, hygienic design
  • Ultra precise, yet gentle for the skin
  • Membrane that inhibits ink spit-back
  • Compatible with a variety of cartridge system grips and machines

For professional use only. 20 cartridges per box.